A story of chocolate with a soul.

The Dammenberg story is about a family business that wants everyone – absolutely everyone – to be able to enjoy chocolate.


The birth of Dammenberg

The Dammenberg story began in 1994, when a small chocolate factory specialising in handmade chocolates got going in Multisilta, Tampere.


Allergy-free production begins

Married couple Marko and Kirsi Iso-Kungas took over and began roasting cocoa beans. They also decided to take the chocolate factory in an entirely new direction.

Marko, a food technology engineer by training, has diabetes, requiring him to follow a special diet. Together with his wife Kirsi, a nurse specialising in allergies, he began to develop allergy-free chocolates.


New factory

The family business's passion for allergy-free chocolates gradually began to pay off. Allergy sufferers, diabetics, people with celiac disease and others with special diets turned to them for treats, and kept returning.

So more capacity was needed. A new, more modern chocolate factory was established in Sääksjärvi, Lempäälä, near Tampere.


And then world choco-domination...

Dammenberg's unique chocolates attracted worldwide attention. Export agreements were made, first in the Nordic countries and Central Europe, with the USA, Japan, China, Israel and the Arabian Peninsula soon following.


Our own roastery

They wanted to handle the entire manufacturing process themselves, starting with roasting the cocoa beans. The Dammenberg chocolate factory began roasting and pulping cocoa beans to ensure the high quality, purity and exquisite taste of its chocolate.


Looking forward

Food allergies are on the rise in industrialised countries. In the US, for example, up to 40% of the population suffers from some kind of food allergy. This keeps the Dammenberg family business and its ten employees busy – making chocolate with a pure soul.